Citigroup Jumps on to BITCOIN Bandwagon, Condiment Offerings, Australia Leads, and More Scams!

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Testing for Bitcoin Integration (part of Wanchain 3.0) is going to be live

A) Fuddip & Fomoon:
A Swiss-based blockchain firm Alprockz partners with several Swiss banks to offer a stablecoin ROCKZ

Miracle Whip tweets about launching an “Initial Condiment Offering” for their Whip Coin

B) Mediasized the Regulators:
Citigroup plans to launch a new Bitcoin trading product

Michael Arrington has slammed the US SEC at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference

The European Commission says crypto is “here to stay”.

C) Founders & Use Chains
KuCoin makes a multi-million investment in a regulated domestic exchange in Australia

New South Wales government conducts a program to digitize driver licenses on the blockchain

D) Blockhead Lockdown:
ABLE Project (ABLX) was an ICO that listed its team members using stock pictures and fake LinkedIn profiles

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